MORE! Themed Early Intervention Language Facilitation Sheets *Freebie*

Early intervention can leave me absolutely frazzled, especially when I have my little butterfly kids who flit from task to task. These themed sheets are perfect for the younger population, especially if you take a child-centered therapy approach. I simply have a few activities out and know that whatever they go for, I have my target words and goals already planned for me.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.36.13 PM

This free download has themed sheets for:

  • Books
  • Blocks
  • Instruments
  • Dolls
  • Pencils

There are 4 sections on each page: Verbs, Describe (for different adjective categories), Expand Vocabulary (for different nouns, concepts, attributes) and Play and Social Skills. Great to share with teachers and families for consistency and practice in other environments.

Make sure that you check out the first set (Transport, Dress-Up, Kitchen, Play-Doh, Games) in my language facilitation series so that you have all 10 themed sheets.

Catch up on all my FREE resources on my Pinterest page where they are all in one spot!

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  • Thank you for the useful freebie! Glad to see you are up and running again. Enjoyed following your blog in the past and looking forward for what’s to come in the future!


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