Key Chain Flashlights

As a traveler, I know to have a little flashlight on me for nights when the electricity goes out. So I was utterly disappointed in myself when I was assessing my first student in America and realised that I did not have a pen light for observing their oral structures… until I remembered my ‘traveling’  key chain flashlight. I now had my 2 in 1 product; I could find the keyhole at night and look inside mouths at the same time! I also find that I get a less ‘what are you doing with that thing near my mouth’ reaction when I pull my little flashlight from my pocket!

  I am one of those SLPs who cannot wait to pry open a child’s mouth and have a good old investigation of their oral cavity. Be it enlarged tonsils, a bifid uvula, high palate or a cleft palate, I just have to know what is going on inside the mouth and if any structures are contributing to their speech difficulties. I am a fan of the brand with a clip attached, as I can hook it on to anything (like a lanyard) and don’t have to go searching through my pencil-case for a light! Most of these are under $10, and can be bought online (search for ‘key chain flashlights’) or at many different outdoor and electrical stores.


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