Keep simple data on stuttering

The most invaluable tool that an SLP who works with people who stutter can own, goes by many different names; fluency rater, fluency tracker, stuttering counter or syllable counter. Essentially, this is a device which counts the number of syllables stuttered or %SS in a speech sample. It is a great way to track data and your client’s fluency progress.


FREE: Online Syllable Counter from Natke Publishing House, Germany.


SLP Disfluency Plus: A downloadable app by App-licable $2.99

Disfluency Index Counter: A downloadable app by Smarty Ears $8.99

Fluency Rater: A downloadable app by ForFluency $9.99

FREE: Stutter Rater for Android phones

Let me know if you find any more so that I can add them to the list.

Happy counting


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  • When working on fluency we never use the word “improve” and prefer “change”. in all documents and interactions. What do u think?

    • To be honest, I have never consciously thought about those two terms and their meanings. Sometimes you are right in that you have to think the words we use and how they may be conveyed to other people.

  • Rebecca, this is great and goes with the approach I use with stuttering treatment! It’s alarming difficult to find pre-made materials that I agree with pertaining to stuttering and research, but you are right on with my SLP education and experience 🙂


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