Gliding Game: Ring Toss

If you have a ring toss, then get ready for a competitive game! I love using the ring toss for children who glide their ‘r’ to ‘w’ as the child has a strong motivation to say their ‘r’ sound correctly – they get a ring and can toss it!


  • A ring toss set
  • Picture card of a ‘wing’.


Let the child know that you will be having a ring toss competition and that they have to earn their rings to have a chance to throw them. For the word level your child has to say ‘ring’, for the sentence level your child has to ask you ‘can I please have a ring?’, or something similar.

If they say it correctly:  give them the ring and they can toss it.

If they say it incorrectly: give them the picture of the ‘wing’ and say ‘Wing? Why do you want the wing for? I thought you wanted to play with the ring?’ Or something to that effect. You usually see that ‘lightbulb’ moment when the child realises that they will not be able to play unless they say their ‘r’ sound!



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