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If you haven’t realized yet, I love making functional and creative therapy materials and resources for speech pathologists to use in their therapy. If you want to look for a specific topic, just click on what interests you. You’ll find a mixture of free and paid resources located in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


  • Hi, my name is Luzanne and I am an SLP student from South Africa. I just LOVE your website and find your resources so handy when I have to give therapy. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work. Good luck with the travels and making a difference as you go along 🙂

  • Hi, Allow me to congratulate you for such a brilliant website. I have found it to be of invaluable help for my son who has speech and language delay. Do you have any material related to Sequential Picture Cards? I have spent hours trawling the internet but have managed to come across only very limited material. Thanks in advance. Christine

    • Hi Christine,

      I too have been on a hunt for sequential picture cards. My program doesn’t really allow me to make them so that they are really good, so I have either taken out my camera and photographed common sequences, or in some places that I have worked I have their photographic sequence cards. Some kids really love to be a part of – and photographed in a sequence. With so many photographic apps out there, I’m sure that there will be one that allows you to lay them in a sequence or you can just swipe to the next picture. That way you can tailor it to the sequences that your son needs to learn and are important in his routines.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

      • Hi! This is an *extremely* late response to this considering the first messages were in 2013, but I just thought I’d mention the teaching website, Twinkl, which has some nice sequencing resources… I think this is what you were after 🙂

  • Thank you Rebecca for being so generous with such fabulous resources. The kids love the articulation boardgames and they really help to make therapy fun.

  • So all of the links in the language sections for school worksheet kick back an error code.

    • Well that’s not fun – let me investigate. I’ve had some site updates recently!


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