Free Minimal Pair Cards for Fronting in Clusters

One of the joys of choosing the minimal pairs approach to work on fronting is the power of generalization!

I can’t tell you how many times I have worked on /k-t/ and /g-d/ minimal pairs at the start of words, and my kids will carryover that rule to medial and final positions, as well as clusters (without me having to directly treat them).

But this doesn’t always happen.

So I’ve made a freely available set of minimal pair cards for ‘s’ clusters for you to download and use with your students, and consolidate this pattern once and for all!

Free fronting minimal pair cards

If you have my Fronting Minimal Pairs Toolkit, these cards can be stored with them… you never know when you might need to add them to your treatment set!

free minimal pairs download

Click below to download the free set of /sk-st/ Fronting Minimal Pair Cards

If you want more information about the minimal pairs approach, I regularly share therapy videos and tips on my Instagram account @adventuresinspeechpathology, or you can search my website.

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