FREE deaffrication minimal pair worksheets

Go ahead and download these free worksheets to work on the phonological process of deaffrication.

If you need a little phonology brush up, deaffrication is where the child deletes or omits the stop consonant in the affricate. So, ‘ch’ is said as ‘sh’, and ‘j’ is substituted with ‘zh’. You might hear your child ask for “shippies” instead of “chippies”, or say “zham” instead of “jam”.

I’ve chosen four, high-frequency targets: ship-chip, share-chair, shop-chop, and shoe-chew and split them into four different activities. They are designed to help you get more practice trials in your speech therapy sessions by encouraging 100 practices! Now there’s a win.

They’re easy to pop into sheet protectors to use with dry-erase markers, work well with hand-held clickers, and easy to stick on the fridge for parents to complete as part of their home practice!

Download these FREE worksheets

And if you love this style (aka getting high practice trials with minimal pairs), check out the full range of phonological processes that I have in this series.

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