Comparing Minimal Pair Apps

It seems that nearly every SLP blog is reviewing apps these days and yet I still don’t know what to buy ! Apps are exploding on the market and different developers are making apps for the same communication area that it can get really confusing knowing which one checks all of your criteria.  So I have my first compare and contrast with two great apps targeting minimal pairs. The apps are SLP Minimal Pairs by SLP TechTools and Minimal Pair Pack by Therapy Box. To be honest, I couldn’t choose which one I like better as they both have unique features that appealed to me for different reasons. Therapists prefer their own tools and special features that I thought it would be useful to make a table of how one concept for an app (minimal pairs) can really be quite different in execution. So I’ll let you read and decide which one fits you best.


View these great apps in iTunes: SLP Minimal Pairs by SLP TechTools & Minimal Pair Pack by Therapy Box.

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