Best Free Narrative Screening Tools & Assessments

I have worked in some unique places in my career and most of them had one thing in common: limited resources. When I lived in Samoa I didn’t even HAVE assessments! So this is my collection of free and favourite narrative assessments which you can find online. Even if you are in a well stocked clinic, you may find that some of these add that extra little bit of information that you were for. Don’t forget to view a previous post about free online communication tools and follow my Pinterest Board that specifically focuses on free assessment tools.

Edmonton Narrative Norms Instrument

Based out of the University of Alberta, the Edmonton Narrative Norms Instrument (ENNI) is an assessment tool for collecting language information from children aged 4 to 9 through storytelling. The ENNI comprises of pictures that tell a story and are presented to a student, who then retells the story. What is great about the ENNI is that it provides norms and information on how to analyze story information, referring expressions, Mean Length of Communication Unit, and a Subordination Index.

Schneider, P., Dubé, R. V., & Hayward, D. (2005).  The Edmonton Narrative Norms Instrument.  Retrieved [date] from University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine website:


Narrative Language Measures

The Language Dynamics Group has provided The Narrative Language Measures (NLM) that are a set of tests that measures various dimensions of narrative language for the preschool and school age population.

The NLM encompasses:

  • Test of Narrative Retell (separate test from preschool – 3rd grade)
  • Test of Story Comprehension (preschool version)
  • Test of Personal Generation (preschool and school age version)

These are great tools for screening, progress monitoring and intervention planning. All of these assessments are available for download, but you first have to ‘request’ them and then they will be emailed to you. It may look a little confusing as you have to add the tests to a shopping cart and check them out,  but if you click the ‘checkout’ button and not the PayPal button (there are some products that you can purchase) then you should receive an email in a few days with the attachments.


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  • Thanks for this post Rebecca. Your last two posts have really spoken to me as a therapist currently in a limited resources location:)

    • You’re welcome! My first two jobs was working as a therapist in a limited to no resources location so I think this has ingrained in me a way to find free resources and assessments. I have a list of free literacy assessments that I will be posting soon too, so keep your eye out.

  • Rebecca, this is awesome! Being in India and working for a NGO i have very limited resources. In fact I do not have any assessments either. This helps SO much. THANKS a TON!

    • I’m so glad this has helped – I hope you viewed the link to the Autism and Communication checklists too. I know first hand what it is like to work in a place with limited to no resources!! I have found some great free literacy assessments as well, so will compile them and post them up soon.

  • Thank you for the links to the Free Narrative Assesments! Thank you also for adding the info about not clicking Pay Pal. I will put these assessments on the web page with the other free Speech resources. THANK YOU! Pippa, Adams12 Five Star Schools SLP in Colorado.

  • I went through the checkout but it still asks for details that are either from Canada or US not Australia.

    • Hi Jenny, perhaps try emailing them or submitting a different address. As I am based in the US I had no difficulties.

  • Hi Rebecca
    My Name is Lotta, Im a qualified SLP in South Africa. I find your website to be very helful. Thank you for your useful resources.


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