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When I first started working as an SLP in the schools, it took about 4 months for me to feel in control of my caseload, understand the education laws, learn the American acronyms and turn my attention to the next big obstacle: understanding the curriculum!

After borrowing the teacher’s manual for every grade level… and then every unit, I started to get a better understanding about themes, units and classroom learning expectations. To support my students with communication disorders I have been trying to implement ways that my therapy can directly link to what they are learning in class… we all know that our kids need more repetition and reinforcement than other children may.

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Another installment in my ‘Be curriculum focused’ series of worksheets are about exploring your child’s classroom theme. There are some really interesting themes and units out there if you take the time to look into it…

With this worksheet you can address:

  • The main idea
  • Subjects and objects related to the main idea
  • Verbs that link these together
  • Places where they might occur


Within the first week that a child’s theme is introduced in the classroom, we do some brainstorming and explore what they will be learning about. We might look through the books for that unit, search for images on core vocabulary and just get a general ‘feel’ for what information we might already know about our topic. It is a great way to introduce a theme and encourages a child’s inferencing and prediction skills at the same time.



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