Articulation & Phonology Bundle Roundup…before the sale ends!

I’m never last minute… but now it’s the last day of the TpT sitewide sale and I still haven’t bought anything!!! You guys know I love my articulation and phonology and so I’ve had a look around the TpT stores and made a list of of my favourite things. Now I just have to choose and buy. Bundles are particularly great to get as they are usually discounted already…apply a discount on a discount and you’ve just bagged an awesome bargain! The resources are a mixture of interactive, blacklines, no-prep, iPad upload-friendly and ones that you can use all-year round!


Minimal Pairs Bundle: This is a great set containing a range of phonological processes for minimal pairs therapy created by Speech2u. With stories, sentences, activities and more, it’s a fantastic addition for your therapy and would be especially great for groups.

Sliding Sheets for S Cluster Reduction: Sometimes your kids really need good visual and tactile feedback and I love that Activity Tailor has included it in this product to represent that long ‘s’ sound. You could also upload this onto an app like Notability and draw on it with your finger.

Cluster Reduction Sequencing Strips Bundle: This is one of my best kept secrets as it juggles two different approaches. First you have the visual and tactile support of sequencing to break down and blend clusters and once this has been mastered you can swap to minimal pairs. Upload onto your iPad for No-Prep or cut out for crafts.

Cycles is quite an in-depth approach so if you want to implement this therapy, make sure you understand the theory and rationales. Speechy Musings has a fab rating Cycles for Phonology Toolkit and GoldCountrySLP has a Cycles for Phonology Big Bundle.

Phonology Bundle: Minimal Pairs & Bingo Boards: The flexibility of minimal pairs combined with Bingo Boards means group therapy is sorted! Targeting all R-S-L Cluster Reduction and Stopping.


Articulation Homework: Dot-to-Dot Bundle: I had a great idea for a product, did a quick search, and Cat Says Meow had already made it (and it was waaaay better than I could have done)! I was thinking to use this for lots of drill work and to keep little minds and hands occupied!

Articulation Notebooks Value Bundle: There is a reason why this is so popular! I don’t know where to start with Teaching Talking’s packet except to say that the reviews say it all! Amazing for groups, low prep, blacklines, 24 sounds… look it up if you don’t own it already!

Articulation Bounce Board Bundle: I have this set uploaded to my iPad so I don’t have to print. My kids love competition and this game can take a surprisingly long time to finish if you get stuck on one level. Easy to adjust for word-phrase-sentence level.

I love these Dots and Boxes games, another activity for my fidgety kids! Kiwi Speech has a set with just the words while Miss B SLP uses pictures. These are a winner to send for homework and encourage a parent or partner to do speech practice with.

Articulation Menus Bundle: This is a great motivating resource for both older students and when you need to practice sentence level and generalisation of speech sounds from Speechy Musings.


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  • Hi there,
    My sister in law has 2 deaf children living in India and due to lack of resources there it is difficult to help them at home.
    They are 10 & 13 and have only had hearing aids for 3 years so therefore their speech is highly underdeveloped but they are now attending speech therapy every day and doing a little better.
    Are there any affordable resources you can suggest please?
    Money is an issue due to the fact that speech therapy is so expensive which I am helping towards each month already. But these girls need to be able to fend for themselves. One of them has already almost been the victim of a kidnapping and it’s scary to think that they cannot speak or defen themeselves at such an age.
    Warmest regards,

    • Hi Laura,

      I’m so sorry for this situation that you are in. In terms of free resources, there are plenty of free resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers site, if you search for it. Not knowing these children I’m ethically unable to provide advice, which really breaks my heart, but I have to abide by certain rules. Wishing you and your family well.


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