Articulation Bounce Boards *Freebie*

My special interest area is all things speech and I love therapy games that involve competition… Yes, I’m one of those therapists who tries just as hard as anyone to win a game. So I’ve made these Articulation Bounce Boards to see if my kids like them or not and they have been a huuuuSlide4ge hit!

Basically you need game board pieces and a dice. Roll the dice and if you land on a square with an arrow on it, you can move down to the next level.

If you don’t, well then you have to ‘bounce’ back off the board and head in the opposite direction until you do. Trust me… you can be stuck on one level for aaaaaaages!

To make it a long game, I chose game board pieces that face left/right (versus round counters) so that I know what direction I’m heading in.  So download the Free Sample containing one game board from every packet that I’ve made: S-Initial, R-Medial, V-Final and K-Mixed. I have found that the Mixed boards are great for carry-over and transfer of sounds and usually work at the Phrase (“I got surfingSlide1“) or Sentence Level (“The man is surfing on the waves”) for these.

Lastly… save your ink and laminating pouches! I upload these onto my iBooks app on my iPad so that they are portable and no-prep! You can do this by transferring the document from your Google Drive, Dropbox or emailing yourself the PDF and opening it in iBooks through mail.

View the Packets: K-G-F-V Bounce Boards, S-Z-SH-TH Bounce Boards, R-L-CH-J Bounce Boards.


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