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It’s been three years since I’ve been sharing resources and traveling as a speech-language pathologist and something that I’ve been meaning to come back to for a long time. I’ve had a quite a bit of a site change and now that I am using different visuals, have had to make my resources ALL over again. Yes. ALL OVER AGAIN! It has been slow, painful, frustrating and I have had lots of ‘giving up’ moments. But the daily emails alerting me that my lovely followers want to access the site has encouraged me to get it back up and running.

While I haven’t had the time to re-make everything on my site, I still have lots of my original freebies – they are just located on my Teachers Pay Teachers site and have had a facelift. I have also decided to collate lots of my freebies and turn them into programs which I’m excited to share.

So please tell me (comment below) what freebies you’d like me to re-make and don’t forget to follow me on TPT to get updates on when my new resources are posted as they’ll go up on there first.



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  • Great to see you back Rebecca! And lovely to meet you last Friday, Thizbe

    • From my blog beginnings in Seattle, to my new life in Newcastle… it’s a small world and lovely to meet you! I’d love any information you might have for the volunteer/work abroad sections too.

  • Oh I’m so excited to hear that your site will be re-opening again!! Looking forward to seeing it in its full glory again, such a helpful resource! x

    • Thanks Angela, have been spending months re-doing things, so hope to quickly put up a lot of resources.

  • Hi Rebecca. Thank you thank you thank you. I have missed your wonderful resources and many times wished that I could beg you to come back! Jen

    • Thanks for putting such a big smile on my face – was nervous I’d be forgotten after my long break!

  • Welcome back! I was so excited to see your email in my inbox today! I’ve used so many of your great materials! I’m excited to see what you’ve been working on recently! Thanks for all the great resources!!

  • Your site was such a help to me three years ago when I was a new grad. I’m glad you’re back!

  • So happy to see you back! I found your site when I first graduated and was so grateful for all your resources! I look forward to following you again 🙂

  • So happy to see that you have returned!! I loved all of your articulation activities and would like to see those remain free for words, stories and games. I have shared them with first year pathologist and they all use them. I don’t have everyone of them but I do have some.

    Good to see that you have returned but sorry to hear that you had to start over.


    Murlyn Burkes, SLP

    • Thanks Murlyn, articulation/phonology is my special interest area and I am planning on making lots of things. Was also planning on uploading some of my BoardMaker stuff on a different website (e.g. BoardMaker share) as I am unable to upload it on here.

  • Welcome back! All of your resources were fantastic, and I use many of them in my clinic 🙂 Thanks for your ongoing hard work!

  • So glad you’re back on-line. Always appreciate the new ideas. I bought a copy of Boardmaker from you several years ago, and I thank you for that, too!

    • Thanks Vicki… yes I remember sending that off just before I moved to Aus. Hope you’ve been happy making things!

  • So glad you’re back in action! I followed your blog as an undergrad, and you’re back just in time for the beginning of my SLP-CF. Looking forward to utilizing your resources!


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