10 Simple Therapy Ideas Using a Cheap Pack of Stickers

simple sticker ideasI think I can be so bold as to say that I have found the holy grail of speech pathology resources and they only cost me $2.50. I recently went on a sticker rampage and bought waaaaay too many sticker books and then realised that I will never get rid of them.

So you see my conundrum, right? I was in flight or fight mode and chose to fight!

So I tried to think of as many different ways to use up the stickers in these books so that I can go out and buy some more I can continue to expand my therapy resources.


Stick them onto wooden cubes that you find at craft stores (or ahem Kindergarten classrooms) and turn them into dice. Assign your own ‘numbers’ and happy rolling! It’s a motivating alternative to normal dice and there’s no end to your therapy creativity: play charades, act out emotions, describe the picture on your dice and see if people can guess, make silly sentences or tell story with the dice you roll. So many language goals can be covered if you just peruse the sticker section and choose a range of ‘subjects’ and ‘objects’.

Create Dice

CHEAP IDEA #2: Sticker Stones

Make cute reinforcers and stick them on little stones (you know, the ones that you usually put in the bottom of vases). I love using these for following directions, playing hide’n’seek, substituting for counters and just plain old pulling out of a bag and seeing what’s on your stone (simple can be fun). If I have articulation drills I will cover up the pictures with these stones and after the set # of drills the student can turn them over and see what picture is underneath.

sticker ideas

CHEAP IDEA #3: Bingo Boards

Make bingo boards! All you need to do is calculate the number of stickers per page and put half on one board and half on another board. I then laminate for durability and use the stones from #2 as the counters. It’s a fun little reinforcer game I play between some hardcore drill work, and perfect for semantic, describing and guess who style language games.

sticker ideas

CHEAP IDEA #4: Reward Charts

Step up your behaviour reinforcement and add themed stickers onto these cool background scenes. Kids get to create their own picture with a sheet of stickers and yes, you CAN be that SLP who drags out the giving of stickers to 1-2 per session to make this reward system last for aaaages!

Sticker Ideas

CHEAP IDEA #5: Sticker Sticks

Stick on the end of tongue depressors and invent a game. Now this is another ‘get inventive’ game where you can make the rules up as you go. I have an animal set and as a reinforcer we pull out sticks and see who’s animal would win in a real fight (e.g. giraffe vs. tiger). Winner keeps the sticks. I also have a points style system with numbers on them and use my emoji sticks for teaching feelings and emotions. Or have you heard of the game Zap It?? Just Google it and you have a new reinforcer game in 3 minutes! I’m personally LOVING my emoji set (below) for everything social!

sticker ideas

CHEAP IDEA #6: Articulation Drills

Use them for drills. So then you actually may need to buy a BOX of tongue depressors or thick wooden sticks and stick them next to each other, front and back. Your kids get to tap each sticker as they say their sound or sentence. It’s great to have a whole tin full of sticks with different mix-n-match stickers on there to keep kids motivated.

sticker ideas

CHEAP IDEA #7: Laminate

It sounds weirds to say laminate your stickers, but go with me on this one! If you laminate these stickers you can save a lot of money on printer ink and do lots of following directions and barrier games. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Another idea is to get picture books and get kids to add their laminated stickers onto the pages and then get them to tell you where to put them (e.g. put the cow under tree). Totally fun, especially if you find character stickers that your students will do anything to use! If you own any ‘mini picture card’ resources – these are especially easy to put on top or slide off as they are roughly the same size. I use them with No Prep Articulation Picture Lists from Speech Therapy Fun and Apraxia Mini Picture Cards from my store.


Stick them on lids. Now you’re gonna need support here. The 4 milk bottles you go through a week ain’t gonna cut it so get friendly with you local cafe. I do a lot of ‘Feed the __’ game with these milk lids. Once again, it saves a ton of money, ink and laminating paper. I might also hide little things under the lids and the child lifts them up to see what is under or put them upside down on worksheets for the students to flip over once they have achieved their target.

Sticker Ideas

CHEAP IDEA #9 : Language games galore!

Work on a ton of language goals such as using conjunctions, sequencing and narratives. My favorite way is to grab stickers and put them on a page and then draw a scene around the stickers. If you have put your stickers on #2 counters, #5 tongue depressors, #7 as laminated stickers, #8 lids – all you have to do is pull them out and then pick your goal e.g. a 4 step sequence using 4 milk bottle lids, or a sentence with a conjunction using the two tongue depressors that you pulled out of the tin.


So it may sound a little uncreative – but having a stash of these books and setting aside a minute the end of your session works wonders. Let your student’s flip through the books to choose some stickers IS super motivating. These books are cheap and you get HUNDREDS of stickers… so make their day and award them a couple.

So go on, start buying sticker books en masse and start creating simple, cheap games that will jazz up your therapy and follow my Instagram page for some more visual therapy inspiration!


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  • Just a sticker idea: At Easter I put a sticker in plastic Easter eggs for my preschoolers. They choose an egg (any number of language strategies for which egg to choose), open it, rejoice in the sticker, talk about it, and put it on…usually a half piece of cardstock on which we drew an egg outline prior to getting out the eggs. Depending on time, I have them guess what I’m drawing, thus eliciting more words. They love it. I’m sure it could be adapted to be appropriate of a little bit older children as well.

    • Love it… and hey, Easter can happen any time in my speech room, so I’m going to start organizing. Thanks for the idea!

  • Very fun ideas here. I went looking not for speech ideas, but for an inexpensive game to do for a group and stumbled upon your tongue depressor game. Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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